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Different Types Of Mask

The best fit, best protection and most comfortable.

N95 Respirator

- tight fitting

Filters 95% of particles. Offers the highest level of protection.

KN95 Respirator

- tight fitting

Filters 95% of particles.

Surgical Mask

- loose fitting

High level of protection but leakage at edges.

Fabric Mask

- loose fitting

Layered fabric masks offer best protection for woven masks.

Sponge Mask

- loose fitting

Lowest level of protection.

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About Us

The PPE Shop’s doors opened in September 2020 supplying a wide range of PPE products to the public. It offered a location for the local and wider community to access much needed protective wear and sanitization products. It served over 30,000 customers. Regrettably the retail outlet has closed its doors but we still offer a range of products online.